Things That Make Me Go :)

(a list to be added to later)

My heart skips a beat when …

– hearing Anders whistle, usually in some distant part of the house – easy to know where he is. It’s such a cute little happy whistle!
– watching Keith & the kids wrestle after dinner.
– I can get Keith laughing really hard.
– listening to Nate relate a comic strip that tickles him. He has a great sense of humor.
– Callie reads to me. I love her voice inflection & enthusiasm about whatever she’s reading (currently Black Beauty).
– sharing a hymnal & singing with Keith.
– listening to the kids sing (lately Anders & Callie have been randomly belting out “Get Up, Get Up” & it is adorable! Hearing Nate sing in church makes me so happy sometimes my eyes get leaky.)
– trying to take sermon notes with the wiggly baby in my tummy/lap desk.
– with one glance, Keith & I can communicate from across the room.
– watching the kids play together when they don’t know I’m looking – they really do love each other.
– the baby gets the hick-ups.
– helping Callie primp for a Daddy date. She gets so excited – lights up for him.
– seeing Nate mow the lawn – he’s growing up before my eyes!
– Anders kisses my tummy & gives it a big squeezy hug which he does often.
– hearing Keith read to Anders up in his bunk at night – they’re currently reading Ghost Town Treasure together (not my idea, but Anders is all ears as you can imagine).
– Nate hugs me goodnight & tells me he’s glad I’m his mom.
– I watch Callie dance out of sheer joy to a praise song.
– Keith takes my hand in his great big paw.
– I reflect on all God that has blessed me with. My cup truly overflows.

Special thanks to SJT Photography for the picture.

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