So Much To Say…

There has been so much on my mind but I have been too lazy to write it down lately.

Nate finished baseball with a bang – the team came in second in the tournaments. Will post THOSE pix when we finally get that cord to download phone pix. It’s only been a year. Come on, what do you want? I finally broke down & called the Sprint store & it’s on order, so hopefully I can pick it up Friday after my baby doc appointment. So, soon you will probably be seeing lots of pictures either in Flickr or posted here depending on my mood at the time.

Got a hair cut – love it. As Grandma would say, it was starting to look like I did my hair with an eggbeater. Cut the boys’ hair today, too. Will post pix as soon as I get around to it. Maybe with the baby.:) We’ve enjoyed the neighbor/aunt & uncle’s pool lately so all have gotten rid of the pasty look for now. It actually looks like summer at our house – beach towels on the line, sun-kissed children, “toobies” & water-wings laying around, etc.

The kids & cousins have been at Wild Week this week (great fun to watch them interact with nature), Nate’s currently at Football Camp for a few days to get acclimated to football, swim lessons start next week for the kids & cousins (that will be a hoot to watch!!), and Safety Town will be going on in the mornings for the three Kindergarten aged kids on the block (Sarah, Sam & Anders). Oh, and Grandma’s having VBS next week so the kids will be joining her there in the evenings. Our contractor called & said he’ll be out in a few weeks to redo our kitchen, etc. (same guy who started building our north room when Anders was two weeks old… do I see a pattern here?) Keith finishes up his first summer doctorate class this Saturday (the on-line one) & starts his second class Monday (the one where he’ll be gone seven hours a day & it’ll be a two hour drive from home each way!!). We are praying the baby comes on a weekend or we have a heads up on his arrival in early morning or some such variation due to the circumstances there. He’s due in two weeks – I’ve never made it to forty weeks yet, so we are looking for him anytime now.

Keith got the HBO John Adams DVD set from a library last night (for free) for the next two weeks!! Is he the man or what? We are set to start watching that tomorrow night – can’t wait!

All that being said, we are having a great summer! This is the most relaxed I’ve ever been with a baby coming. He’ll get here when he gets here & we really haven’t had to prep much. The Pack & Plays are up on both floors, Keith emptied a drawer in our bureau for baby’s tiny clothes, & everything else is already here & waiting – car seat, binkies, bottles, baby tubby, what else do you need?! Oh, I guess I should get my stuff together for the hospital. That’s on the agenda for today after laundry & grocery shopping.

There are a bunch of things I want to write about that have come up in conversation this last week – political analysis, the couple of posts I’ve been putting off writing (Christian Bubble, Denominations, etc.) & writings on the fun we are expecting in August (20th HS reunion, huge family reunion, visitors coming in for it all, etc.). Lots of developments happening for that weekend! Have to write later.

I hear Wal-Mart has their back-to-school sale going on – 24 pack of Crayolas for a quarter, cheap filler paper, 10 cent folders, glue, notebooks, pencils, etc. I love, love, love new school supplies! That and we’re out of yogurt & oatmeal. Must. Go. Shopping.

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