Cheap Lab Coats Found!

Yeah!! I spent a few hours last night on line looking for decent but cheap lab coats for our Club next fall but the best I could find were 15$ not including shipping. Bummer! I had given up & figured we’d just go with two or three coats & share instead of each of the twelve workers getting their own to wear. Then, I stopped off at The Salvation Army. BINGO!! I had no idea they had lab coats – a whole rack of them! So, I took my pick of ten to let people try them on & then I’ll mosey back on another Wednesday (half off day) to get the remaining few needed sizes to make sure everyone gets one that fits. I am so excited!! Most of them still have tags hanging off of them. And we got 10 for 32$!! Thank You, Lord. We’re going to have a really fun year.

Oh, I also got a lot of fun stuff to decorate & play with from Steve Spangler. I especially loved these, these, and these. And of course, we have to have a plasma globe & a bobbing bird, too. I figure at at the end of the year, we can give these out as prizes.

Now all I have to do is order those crazy wigs & wacky glasses for our two mad scientists (object lesson teachers), & pick out some more fun awards. That and make a gazillion copies of the notebook stuff to put into the kids’ lab notebooks & we’ll be set for the new year of learning & growing. It’s coming right along.

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