Lost In Translation

Jess linked me to engrish.com. If you’ve ever lived overseas, particularly in Asia, you will get a good laugh if you spend some time at their site. There are crude ones, so be forewarned. While living in Korea, we often wondered who in the world got paid to translate stuff. I mean, wouldn’t you check to make sure you had the correct meaning before going to print? Why bother writing it out in English at all?

Anyway, here’s a sampling…

As early as age two!

Classic stationary.

Translation: “no parking on bicyclists at any time”. I just threw this one in there because it made me laugh so hard. You’d never catch this in the States!!

Graduals can sneak up on you, too.

I’ll start by rearranging this sentence…

Life is serious. Oh, I’m sorry, was I smiling?

One response to “Lost In Translation

  • Sara T.

    Although I’ve not been to any asian countries, I’ve experience more than a few laughs when it comes to English translations (even in England!). My favorite was while dining in Hungary, the restaurant featured many dishes of “Chicken Chests,” not chicken breasts. Too funny….

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