What Does Satan Look Like?

My kids surprised me a month or so ago. For some reason, the topic of Satan came up in devotions one night & I asked what they thought Satan looked like. Now, I think we’ve had some good conversation & all through the years & like to think we are grounding our kids in Scripture well enough that this question would get them thinking, but I did not expect the answers they gave. They gave me stuff like “red”, “horns”, & “mean”, etc. I hadn’t given them that! Where did they get that idea? Our children’s Bibles don’t really give a picture of him, so where were they getting this stereotype? After thinking, I’m guessing Looney Tunes or some such nonsense. I asked the same question in Club on Wednesday night & got the exact same responses.

Anyway, this really disturbed me. Even as careful as we are to train up our children, watch what they put into their minds, give them plenty of Scripture, have them in church, etc. this simple & very important truth had not gotten to them yet. Troubling implication: If they are looking for Satan to be this mean, ugly, scary looking creature, they are not on the defense when he tempts them with all those beautiful & fun things called sin! Satan was at one time the most beautiful creature in Heaven next to God Himself & he still is attractive – sin is!! If he wasn’t, we wouldn’t be tempted by him. Our children need to be keenly aware of this fact if we hope for them to be successful warriors in the battle. They need to know what the enemy looks like so they can keep their spiritual eyes open for his tricks & attacks.

So, that got me on a hunt for a systematic, intentional catechism type book to go through with my young ‘uns. A quick google search netted me plenty of the traditional catechism questions but I was shocked to find not one of them gave the Scripture to back up their answers. I know the answers are right & all, but I don’t want my kids to just take a rote answer for granted if there’s not Scripture behind it & I want them to know beyond a shadow of a doubt it’s in the Bible. Who cares what tradition deems the right answer! I want the kids to have the answer from the Answer Book, not just regurgitate the “right answer”.

Solution: 801 Questions Kids Ask About God is a great book with tons of great questions for parents to go through with their children. It gives Scripture to back each up & the questions cover topics like prayer, the Bible, friends, money, Heaven & angels, etc. We’ve been using it for the last week with the thought we’d do one question a night, but one leads to another to another & we always end up having to cut off the discussion after like twenty minutes. Good stuff! And the kids are really thinking & listening. Check it out & consider adding it to your devotional time if you have children ages 4-15 I’d say. You might even be surprised at your kids older than that or yourself – do you know the answers?

To hear a recent broadcast on the topic from Family Life Today, click here.

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