A Weekend to Remember

Oh, what a beautiful weekend! (must be sung to the Oklahoma song) We had such a great time in Nashville. The Weekend to Remember retreat gets a five star rating from us, especially if you’ve been married more than ten years. (Keith & I weren’t expecting to hear anything new & we didn’t.) We had a marriage & family counseling class in seminary together, went through top ‘o the line premarital counseling with Uncle Tim (I think we were about the last of the pre-married he counseled before moving up to bigger & better things.), we’ve attended/read Gary Smalley stuff over the years, & we’ve always felt we had a pretty great marriage. But every marriage should take time out for a “tune-up” every once in a while. And this weekend was a well timed reminder of what a precious gift our great marriage is. We love the kids & all, but time just the two of us – a whole three days & three nights just us again – hasn’t happened for ten years & was a wonderful taste of the fun years to come when we get to the “empty nester” stage!

I think the best part was being a seven hour drive away, honestly. We so enjoyed just bumping along talking uninterrupted, traveling without having to think ahead packing wise for anybody but myself, eating where, what & when we wanted, & listening to NOTHING for long stretches of time!! We slept in & still had time to spare getting places! We never touched a computer, TV, etc. all weekend. If we wanted to listen to tacky 80’s music full blast, we did without worrying about polluting the kids’ minds. 🙂 So fun!! Life was good. And it looks a whole lot better back home now, too.

Yesterday was a bit of a walk down memory lane for us. We renewed our vows for the first time since our wedding. (That has always been my most special memory – gazing into his eyes & somehow feeling God make us one miraculously. It was pretty awesome the second time around, too!) We ran into some fellow Liberty folks (where we met). We drove around Mammoth Cave area for awhile – took the kids & camped down there four years ago – great memories. And on top of all that, we ate at Krispy Creme for breakfast (always reminds us of a favorite prof. Elmer Towns – was there a class period he didn’t mention KC?) & Jack in the Box (great Hawaii memories there) for lunch.

A huge shout out to Mom for entertaining the kiddos while we were away. They had quite a time together from what we hear. All it takes is letting them stay up all hours, hotdogs, & untimed computer/TV time & they are in Heaven. Hope they didn’t drive you too crazy, Mom. Thanks for loving on them!! I think the worst crisis was one of them wearing flip flops to church because he couldn’t find his church shoes – guess which one? I’d say they did pretty good!

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