Warning Bells

Okay, part two. Keith is working on his final tonight, so I might as well write rather than jack up the coinage on my kids’ Webkins accounts playing those arcade games. Anyone else do that at night? It’s so much more satisfying than watching the boob tube. This installment will be basically throwing out my thoughts on misunderstood prophets.

There have been a handful of men in my lifetime who have had the courage to say things that need to be said even if it means they are misunderstood &/or severely lashed out against because of it. First ones that come to mind: my dad, Jerry Falwell, Bill Gothard, VP Dan Quayle, and now Voddie Bauchum to name a few. Each of them have said things that have caused a lot of backlash. But what they have said, even if not exactly the best way, was true. We are all human. We all can think of things we should have or could have said a bit better. This post very well might be a great example of one of those times for me. 🙂 But, in the end, I am glad each of them stepped up to the plate, took the hit, sounded the alarms, got the thought process flowing in a different direction than just status quo. These statements caused lots of people to stop & think rather than just keep on with the norm blindly.

Dan Quayle. When he decried the media’s promotion of unwed mothers (Murphy Brown), he was made the laughing stock of the decade. His career never recovered from it. Yet, he was right! The subtle (& not so subtle) messages permeating our culture on the TV, music, etc. do have a profound effect. We do have more of an acceptance for immorality today than we did even just a decade or two ago. It is on a downward spiral & the media sure hasn’t helped.

Bill Gothard. I know a lot of you might not know who he is, but he has been a great influence on my life through the years. (This will be a personal example.) I agree with a lot of what he teaches. But one area I have never seen eye to eye on with him is in the music department. If you go by what he says, it pretty much leaves you listening to a cappella hymns only. I’m not there, nor will I ever go there in the foreseeable future. (I personally can’t wait to hear all the awesome music God has in store for us in Heaven!) But what he has said has helped me to be watchful of what kind of music I have listened to over the years. So even though I don’t agree with him on the issue, I’m thankful he brings up the topic & shares his insight on it. Because of what he has said, I have grappled with where I stand & why I stand there on it, which is so much better than just floating along brainlessly following what everyone else is doing. That is never a good reason to do something. That’s what sheep do, incidentally, which is why God calls us sheep so many times in the Bible; that’s our tendency.

Jerry Falwell. He notoriously “stuck his foot in his mouth” by the world’s way of thinking. But when you really look at a lot of what he said, it was right on even if not always put in the best way. The Teletubby flap is the biggest example that comes to mind. What he said about them had already been put out there & I don’t need to rehash all that. Suffice it to say, Falwell got majorly criticized for giving a truthful warning. He wanted Christian parents to at least be aware of subtle messages being put out there.

My dad. Being a pastor, at times you have to say some hard things. Dad was great at saying what needed to be said & trusting God for the results. It comes off looking like “thick skin” or like you don’t care what others think, but I’ve come to realize that’s not what it is. The best example I can think of was when Dad first came into Scott & Kellie’s life. They were living together at the time & asked Dad to marry them. He said he couldn’t do that as long as they were living together. This is not a popular stance, but it is a Biblical one. (When I have more time, I’ll give references.) He was not mean about it, just said he couldn’t. Kellie was pretty steamed. She wrote a big, long note about the audacity, etc. but never gave it to him. Long story short, after a lot of working through stuff, they both decided they shouldn’t be living together, spent some time living apart, and over time Dad married them, baptized them, pastored them through some scary times in life, etc. I consider Kellie one of my closest friends, a true kindred spirit. Kellie & Scott are one of several I know for a fact that are forever grateful for Dad sticking his neck out to say some hard things, taking the heat of the moment to bring them around. It takes a kind of love not seen often in this world today. One that’s often misinterpreted, rejected, etc. But that’s what it it – love.

Now Voddie Bauchum. He brings up a lot of issues that “rock the boat” here & there. But I am so glad he says them, even if I might bristle at some of them at times. If people don’t point out the dangers of over-scheduled families, misplaced priorities, etc. how will anyone ever stop & take a look at what they are doing & make needed changes? He may not have said it in the best way, but it doesn’t change the fact that many families do need to take a long hard look at their family scheduling & see if it really is where they want to go with their family. A+B=C. So don’t do A & B, expecting D or F! It doesn’t work that way. You will get C. Just be sure that’s really what you want.

It’s worth someone saying some of these hard things to get thought going. We need to constantly be evaluating what we are doing as parents to make sure we are steering the family boat the way we want it to go. It is so easy to veer off course if you’re not paying attention. It’s good to have people out there sounding warning bells for us to listen, pray about, & work through between my hubby, me, & God. I think that’s what the Bible refers to as “working out your salvation”. He often uses these guys to do it.

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