Thoughts On Prayer & Heaven

Have I ever mentioned how much I appreciate Randy Alcorn? We were introduced to him about a year before Dad died by Keith’s aunt Connie in Iowa. We were stopping for an overnight visit on our way to MN & she happened to have a copy of Heaven laying on the kitchen counter. We read the front flap & were hooked, never dreaming how much that book would minister to our hearts in the upcoming years. We needed that book at just that time.

Anyway, he has a blog I subscribe to & he posted the other day about talking to loved ones in Heaven. Good article. If you’ve lost a loved one recently or have ever wondered about talking to those who’ve gone on, check it out. I love how he backs stuff up biblically & puts it together to answer questions like this.

One response to “Thoughts On Prayer & Heaven

  • Alicia

    Thanks for the link – I’ve booknarked that post. I’ve actually been asked that before ( a few years back) and I think that I went out on a limb with a similar answer, but his is definitely better supported.

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