Friendly Reminder

I looked & looked last night. This morning, I looked some more. Nate’s state report & Ohio History test had to be somewhere! Last I saw them, they were in an orange history folder. When Nate got up, I had him search some more. Every place we could think of had been covered already. Where could they be?

The kids went out to play after lunch & while tidying the kitchen, I prayed, “Lord, You know where those things are & I know they didn’t get thrown out, so please help me find them.” No sooner had that been prayed, I turned around, and there, laying on the counter, they were. I had checked the counter but not seen them until now. Granted, they were under one of Callie’s books, but the orange folder was still in plain sight. I don’t think that was coincidence that I overlooked it yesterday & this morning, nor that it was found right after that prayer.

One of the big prayers being repeatedly taken to the Lord right now is wisdom as a parent, especially with Anders. As a home we are working on living out the Fruit of the Spirit, praying for them daily by name. It seems the more you pray for stuff like that, the more you see how painfully far you have to go!

God was reminding me in the search for a folder that He hears every little prayer & cares about what’s going on in each detail of our lives. He walks right beside us on this journey, never missing a thing. Thank You, Lord. I hear You. 🙂

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