Just a Glimpse of What I Live With

Time for a few new quotes heard around our house. This time, it’s the boys who’ve had some zingers lately, so I guess I’ll call these “Nate & Anders-isms”…


Anders: “Mom, is it tomorrow?”


Nate: (trying to explain a little hand held toy a friend of his had at church) “It’s like a play station in your hand, but with excellent graphics…you know what graphics are, don’t you Mom?”

M: “Yes, I think I now what graphics are, Son.”

N: “No, I just thought you’d think ‘violent’, like graphic content. It’s not that.”

Just mere moments later, working on Study Island…
N: “Mom! Something’s wrong here! It won’t let me answer! It opens a new mozzarella window every time I click the answer!” (meaning Mozilla)


Anders: (singing his heart out on the bar stool beside me) “I love dis girl…who’s next to me!”


This morning, I awoke to Anders staring at me. He snuggled up into our bed, stuck his arm up next to mine, & said, “Look, Mom. We have the same arms!” (I often point out our similarities. This one, however, goes no further than that we both have skin & bones as far as I can see. That and a hinge in the middle called an elbow. So, yeah, I guess we have the same arms.)


A: “MOM!! Nate hurt me!” (yelled up the stairs – didn’t sound really hurt at all.)
M: “I’ll be down in just a minute.”
A: (to Nate, rather loudly) “Mom said she’s gonna paddle you when she comes down!”

Now that’s what I call a loose interpretation.


Nate & Anders , enjoying a TMNT video together including busting all the great moves on each other, numchucks swinging, plastic sabers clanging, etc.
N: “Anders, you are not so bad, ya know that? You are not so bad.”
A’s response: (in a sing-songy voice) “My bottom stinks!”
Such a bonding moment. Brings tears to the eyes, doesn’t it?

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