Daily Archives: April 24, 2008

A New Photographer In Town

Just dumped my digital pix to find a few new ones I hadn’t taken. Thought I’d share & see what you think…

Don’t you love the stage when they’re too little to know how to get away with things? The same boy the other day was sitting on the… well, you know. He likes to do this with the door wide open so he doesn’t miss anything, mind you. Out of the blue, he gives me those earnest eyes & says, “Sorry, Mom.” “For what!” “For dropping your exercise gloves in the toilet.” As I went to go find them, I asked if the toilet had been clean when this happened & he assured me it was. When I found them right where I had last left them, they were bone dry. Apparently, his vicinity had brought a guilty conscience at not letting me know about the incident yet. Lately he has been using my gloves to pretend he has batting gloves when he bats with Nate. At least I know he’s honest!

Just a Glimpse of What I Live With

Time for a few new quotes heard around our house. This time, it’s the boys who’ve had some zingers lately, so I guess I’ll call these “Nate & Anders-isms”…


Anders: “Mom, is it tomorrow?”


Nate: (trying to explain a little hand held toy a friend of his had at church) “It’s like a play station in your hand, but with excellent graphics…you know what graphics are, don’t you Mom?”

M: “Yes, I think I now what graphics are, Son.”

N: “No, I just thought you’d think ‘violent’, like graphic content. It’s not that.”

Just mere moments later, working on Study Island…
N: “Mom! Something’s wrong here! It won’t let me answer! It opens a new mozzarella window every time I click the answer!” (meaning Mozilla)


Anders: (singing his heart out on the bar stool beside me) “I love dis girl…who’s next to me!”


This morning, I awoke to Anders staring at me. He snuggled up into our bed, stuck his arm up next to mine, & said, “Look, Mom. We have the same arms!” (I often point out our similarities. This one, however, goes no further than that we both have skin & bones as far as I can see. That and a hinge in the middle called an elbow. So, yeah, I guess we have the same arms.)


A: “MOM!! Nate hurt me!” (yelled up the stairs – didn’t sound really hurt at all.)
M: “I’ll be down in just a minute.”
A: (to Nate, rather loudly) “Mom said she’s gonna paddle you when she comes down!”

Now that’s what I call a loose interpretation.


Nate & Anders , enjoying a TMNT video together including busting all the great moves on each other, numchucks swinging, plastic sabers clanging, etc.
N: “Anders, you are not so bad, ya know that? You are not so bad.”
A’s response: (in a sing-songy voice) “My bottom stinks!”
Such a bonding moment. Brings tears to the eyes, doesn’t it?