This, That, & the Other Thing

Sorry to be so out of touch, but lately it’s been mostly schooling, cleaning, & planning for next year. Nate’s tests are this week, so the Study Island push is behind us. We are going to chill out on school this week. Spring cleaning has been at least started (which is half the battle, right?). Screens are clean & back in, being put to good use, windows washed, curtains cleaned & rehung, fridge & freezers scrubbed, etc. There’s only, what? Twenty things left on the list to do yet? One small step ahead each day… And Wednesday Club is pretty much thought out for next year, schooling decisions have been made for the children, as well as Keith’s paperwork filled out to head in whichever direction God leads next year (Kent State Doctoral applications, a possible grade switch in the current school in which he teaches, and a school switch possibility). Keith’s grad classes are winding down & Nate’s baseball practices are gearing up. We’re all counting the weeks, making sure all ends are tied up, before summer break. Spring clothes have been pulled out, winter clothes either given, thrown or stored away, AND, I am slowly but surely realizing we do have a little one coming in about 90 days & there’s old baby stuff to go through, restock, set up, etc. That process has begun with great joy. 🙂

With our church not doing a VBS this year (I’ll be preoccupied with a wee one), I decided to help organize a few backyard CEF parties for whoever in the church has neighborhood kids & wants to party. We will be doing Eric Liddell‘s Olympic party (His Best For God – I guess they don’t sell it anymore because I couldn’t find a link to it anywhere) since the Olympics will be gearing up. We’ve lined up a teacher, teen game directors, a couple locations, and are just working on dates, praying about other possible locations, and the little details. It should be an easy & fun summer outreach. Thanks, Mom, for the inspiration!

As far as extended family news goes, my father’s mother was put on hospice last week so our family will be traveling down the funeral road again soon it looks like. Grandma is ready to meet the Lord. She’s tired & doesn’t want any more medical intervention. I don’t blame her, but don’t want to do this again! We’ve had just way too many goodbyes lately. Mom got news she’s to have cateract surgery in both eyes in the upcoming month or so. And, my uncle Harry crushed his foot in a farming accident last week & will probably lose a good part of it. On the other side of the medical news spectrum, Scott, Keith’s good friend with brain cancer has been told it is GONE. Totally! Looks like God has healed him. He realizes it could always come back, but for now we are praising the Lord with this young godly man, his wife, & baby girl.

So, that gives a quick rundown of the goings on around here. It has now officially been recorded for posterity. Oops, the coats are dry. Better go get them out of the dryer & into the storage bins for next winter before my gumption runs out today.

One response to “This, That, & the Other Thing

  • Caitlin Hollar

    Hi There! We are working on an Olympic themed unit for our school-aged kids for the day-care that I work at. I would love to see what ideas you have if you wouldn’t mind sharing!

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