Callie lost two teeth yesterday – the ones on either side of the two front teeth she recently lost. Yikes! Four teeth out all in a row. Luckily the two front ones are starting to pop in, but it sure looks… remarkable.

To see what else she’s been up to lately, see Flickr to the left. In Science, she just finished up studying the body systems (nervous, digestive, respiratory, etc.) & is starting the plant unit so we started our germination baggies today – one in the fridge, one in the drawer, and one in the window sill – to see if cold or dark make a difference. Amazingly, she doesn’t remember us doing this last year. She loved it then, but I guess that was such a long time ago to her. She will get to be amazed all over again (as I am every spring) at the wonder of God’s beautiful creation.

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