Spring Break Recap, Part 2

Okay, so Anders’ vest & tie idea didn’t work out so well. He tried to talk Callie into sewing it for him. I’m not doing it! Alicia convinced me to at least look into the ebay options. It may take me a while to find just the right ones.:)

Anyway, back to Break reporting…Wednesdays are usually bare basics schooling in the AM & getting ready for Club for me after lunch. Spring Break was no exception. I decided to plow on through Spring Break academically, seeing as how Keith had to do tons of catch up paperwork anyway & we need to be a week ahead in order to take Nate’s testing week off. I’m happy to report we did get it all done.:) Grandma came in around 4 that Wednesday afternoon & started ten days of total spoiling for me! It was great! She brought a fistful of Weight Watcher recipes she wanted to try out (complete with desserts) & since she normally cooks for one, figured our house would make a great test kitchen. Not having to worry about dinner for over a week was like a dream come true for me! Yeah!!

On top of fixing dinners, she was able to take each of the kids out for lunch & some one-on-one time. AND, we took a one day vacation to Cincinnati to check out the Creation Museum down there. We are more of the Hugh Ross stripe than Ken Ham in our home, but still enjoyed the Museum & family time away. It was nice.

Then over the weekend, we celebrated Anders’ fifth birthday – football style. On Saturday, we took in a Mayhem game (the local indoor football team). Anders loved being so close to the players & even got his picture taken with one of them. I forgot the camera so Keith took it on his phone. Now we just need to figure out how to get it off the phone & into the computer. It’s on the list of things to do “someday”. Mayhem creamed the Chesapeake Tide 70-35. They haven’t posted pix of that game yet, but here’s some from another game…

baughman dline flying jackson

Sunday night we watched “Facing the Giants” (excellent movie) together and then had the cake & ice cream party Monday night, so his birthday bash ended up being quite a shindig. For pictures, see Flickr to the left. Anders requested a carrot cake for his cake this year. Since there are some family members who do not like the raisins & walnuts added, & others that love them, I made one of each & laid them end to end, then slapped a bunch of green tinted cream cheese frosting all over them. It looked r-e-a-l-l-y long. But by the time we got the end zones & yard lines frosted on, then the little football guys, goal posts, & finally football candles on, it looked pretty good if I do say so myself (and was super easy). Anders put the guys on where he wanted & decided he wanted Patriots written on one end & Saints on the other. Of course, the guys are affixed just short of a Patriots touch down.

Oh, I almost forgot. Grandma took him out to pick his ice-cream flavor, a standing privilege reserved for the birthday honoree in our family. He came back with Scooperman (big surprise there) – a nasty swirl of yellow, blue & pink black cherry flavored stuff. Nate loves it, too. Luckily, Grandma picked up a half gallon of plain Jane vanilla for the adults in the group. All in all, we had one happy little birthday guy on our hands.

PS – He got his library card, too. That’s THE big deal at our house when you turn five. He’s in the big league now!

2 responses to “Spring Break Recap, Part 2

  • realworldmartha

    What a terrific cake!
    We loved that movie as well. Soon after we got it our bookstore had them on special for $5 so I bought some for Christmas gifts!

  • Alicia

    Fun! Your cake is very cool.
    I really want to visit the Creation Museum someday,
    My older two kids got their library cards when they turned three – but now they’ve changed the rules – poor Rose!

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