Spring Break Recap, Part 1

These last two weeks have flown by with lots of great memory makers & things to share, but I don’t want to sit here at the computer for long, so I’ll try to make it brief while writing it down for posterity. It will no doubt be done piece by piece. Let’s start at the beginning of Spring Break…

Spring Break started out with the baby doc appointment informing us of Baby #4’s gender. That day was taken up with excitement & shock, mulling over boy names seriously, calling relatives, etc. I guess we got a few other things done – mostly a little cleaning for Grandma’s visit. Tuesday we spent the day with dear friends an hour away at a Tea Party bash. All the girls (and between the four of us ladies, we have 13 gorgeous little gals!) were all gussied up in their Easter dresses & had tea, then spent the afternoon bouncing on the trampoline, etc. like the true ladies they are. (See pix of Tea Party in Flickr to the left.) The boys (add 8 more to the number of little people) watched cars downstairs.

Anders was the only male exception in the area of dressing up. That boy LOVES to wear his dressy clothes – tie, vest, dress pants, mustache, fake glasses, pipe, you name it. He is something else. He has been begging us for a BOW tie for quite some time now. Do you know how hard it is to find a bunch of bow ties for a four year old that don’t smell like mothballs just looking at them? Now, it’s not that I’m the type of mom to make a fuss about my kids’ clothes looking just so before going out the door, Heaven knows, but he would wear a bow tie constantly & go around town looking like Gordon Gee (President of THE Ohio State University) or Orville Redenbacher (of popcorn fame)! I don’t think I’m ready for that kind of attention right now. As I write, he has one of the cheap magician capes I made a few years back (think red sparkly plastic type material) & is asking me repeatedly to make it into a vest & bow tie while dressed in his button down vest & clip on tie. He found scissors & has started to try making it himself! Gotta go!

2 responses to “Spring Break Recap, Part 1

  • Alicia

    Too funny! You better hurry up and find one for him to wear every day – come’n, you only live onve – it could be fun. :^)

  • Kevin Webster

    The only place you will ever find bowties to fit a 4yr old would be online. Very few stores now a days sell them and the ones that do will most likely not have them in child sizes. For my sons luckily I had saved mine from when I was child, they were a bit dated but easily accesiable. You shold try the bowtieculb or vinyardvines. There selection is sparse but it’s the best Iv’e seen.

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