Too Funny!

I have not laughed so hard since… well I can’t remember. This guy is making a list of “Stuff Christians Like” & he is so on the money! I had a little cartoon book when in jr. high that was along the same lines only with cartoons. Wish I could remember the title.

Anyway, for a good laugh, spend a few minutes here. Thanks, Amy, for posting the link.

My personal top five so far…
#53 – Saying “I’ll pray for you”
#22 – Mixing sign language & music
#20 – Psalty
#17 – Unspoken prayer requests (that picture is classic.)
#5 – Bootleg cookies

Others on my fav list:
#50 – Bible fanny packs (I own one.)
#56 – Talking to strangers on airplanes
#45 – Youth group liability forms
#54 – Hating halloween

Which ones strike you funny?

4 responses to “Too Funny!

  • renaissanceguy

    I was amused by “contestants on American Idol who are secret Christians.” I have done it myself, which made it funny to me.

  • Luke

    #43: Metrosexual Worship Leaders

    I think about the early 90’s when only a few fringe churches even had worship leaders. Most of them were middle age ex-hippies who were short, bald and fat. The George Costanza of the evangelicals. I like that the author of Stuff Christians Like keeps talking about wearing Puma’s, like that instantly makes everything cool.

    Funny stuff.

  • realworldmartha

    Too funny! We are kinda predictable sometimes. Hers’ to hoping for some individually šŸ™‚

  • Patrick

    Really funny. Here are my favorites:

    35 – Lock Ins
    62 – Being less nice than mormons
    76 – Grape Juice
    96 – God’s favorite word
    108 – Holding hands

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