Lead Me To Calvary

There’s something about the week before Easter that, especially these last few years, have come to be the most precious for me of the year. Keith gets annoyed when I say this (I guess I’ve said it enough already?) so I’ll just blog it & leave it here, but I am getting more determined every year to make less of Christmas & more of Easter. It seems Christmas gets all the hoopla in our culture, & Easter is reduced to basically a celebration of the coming of spring – new dress, dinner with family, etc. While Christmas gets at least a full month before the actual arrival of the holiday (& that’s with me putting my foot down that it will not start until Thanksgiving has had it’s full due!), Easter is lucky to get two days – Good Friday & Resurrection Sunday. I am so trying to make Easter every bit as much of a time to look forward to & celebrate as Christmas in our home. It might take me a few years here to get over the obnoxious glut of Christmas going on all around me without snide comments every other day (I think that’s what bothers Keith). I am starting to sound like a Scrooge & I will have to find a balance there. It really does bother me though. It really is blown way out of proportion to anything else in the year while Easter gets glanced over. Pity.

Death never really touched me closely & personally until Nov. 2004 when a good friend of ours was killed hunting. I am convinced that was, in our lives, God bracing us for what was coming so we wouldn’t be so blindsided in the next year. Nov. 2005 was Dad’s sudden death & then 5 months later, the day after Easter, Keith’s dad went Home. This last November was Grandma’s Homegoing. Easter & November seem to be times when death hits around me (Grandpa Royal & Jensen both died in April, too). These last two weeks, three funerals have taken place in our little church.

Anyway, it takes getting close to death to really appreciate what Jesus did for us on that cross. The separation death brings would be so hopelessly unbearable if it weren’t for Christ’s victory over it! We live in HOPE, not fear. We can be assured that this life is not all there is. Once you stare death in the face, it all gets so real. Easter takes on a whole new meaning. It comes so much more clearly into focus.

Death makes me HATE sin – what causes physical & spiritual separation, the sin I see all around me, the pain & suffering it brings in this world, the sin I see in me. We are such miserable creatures without Christ’s rescue! And this week, we get to remember each detail of His last week again, His death in our place, His power over sin & death, tell it to our children again, celebrate the glorious victory we have in Him again! Have a glorious week remembering.

“Lead Me To the Cross” – Hillsong United

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