Family Worship vs. Children’s Church

Love this link! I’ve never seen thoughts & reasons for children being in worship service with their family written out & so completely/practically. She has written out what my parents taught me & what we are doing with our children so well, down to the note-taking & check marks next to certain words! How did she do that? Thank you, Noel – John Piper’s wife – for putting it in writing.

2 responses to “Family Worship vs. Children’s Church

  • Grandma Carol

    I think every church in America should read this article and give it careful consideration!

  • realworldmartha

    We have always taken our children to church with us and they have learned to respect the service time. My oldest prefers to go with us then to go to childrens hour. He gets a lot out of the service. Unfortunately most churches are not wanting it anymore. one of the main reasons we picked the church we now attend is because they allow children in the service. Of course I realize that not all children have been taught to behave but I don’t think a one size fits all philosophy works well in most situations. Kids are different and a lot of children have been taught to behave and listen to the service.
    Thanks for the great link!

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