PS – About the “Counts”

Kevin‘s mom emailed today more details about the “counts”. I wasn’t sure what she was talking about, but now that she’s cleared it up, it’s even more fun to witness & pass on…

“Our plans were abruptly changed on Tuesday when the doctors became very concerned over Kevin’s condition and his white blood count (WBC). The WBC is supposed to be between 4.5 and 13.5. His was 80.9. Kevin was admitted to the hospital, …Wednesday was passed expecting that Kevin might die yet that day…Kevin’s WBC is now 103.0. We thought we knew for sure that Kevin would die that day. But no, he actually seemed to feel a little better by evening. His breathing was easier and his pain had diminished! PTL!

Then comes Friday morning. Around 6 a.m. Kevin had a nosebleed even though he’s not had one for more than a week. It lasted about 2 hours…not hugely unusual. But this nosebleed had a different quality to it…a very scary quality. I sat there, completely at peace, expecting my son to bleed to death before my very eyes. (I did think of Mary as she had to watch her Son suffer, bleed, and die.) The nosebleeds continued throughout the afternoon but ended shortly after the prayer chain had been contacted. Again, PTL! And thank you to those of you who are earnestly praying at a moment’s notice. AND his WBC was 69.4!

…by the way, his WBC is now 31.2!



Okay today I had to clarify a few things in rounds. The doctors had given Kevin one medicine that would not cure the cancer or even make it better, but they hoped it would slow the growth of the WBC or maybe even stop the growth. I had to ask if they expected this drop in his WBC. And no they did not! There is nothing to explain this aside from the power of God! Thank you, thank you, thank you God!!!!!”

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