North Korea Tops the List Again

For the sixth year in a row, North Korea tops the list as the country that most persecutes Christians.

There is a cool prayer chain you can join to pray for our brothers & sisters there. I know our South Korean Body is praying. They are pray-ers! And North Korea is never far from their thoughts. It is so odd to be in such a blessed country & realize there have been a as many as three million starve to death a mere 50 miles north of you as you sit in your comfy Seoul apartment.

Please pray for…
– the salvation of Kim Jung Il and his leadership team
– safe travel for those fleeing the country
– effective prayer ministry
– protection & encouragement for our brothers & sisters in chains right now in North Korea
– the fall of the communist N Korean government & peaceful reunification of the Koreas

Tonight, I found a really good documentary from National Geographic on North Korea. It is a five parter, but if you want more info on the persecution that goes on there, part four gives a glimpse. The other four parts are very informative as well if you have the time. Go here to see part one & when it’s done, it’ll put the option for the next part up for you.

One response to “North Korea Tops the List Again

  • Alicia

    Thanks for this moving video. I receive Voice of the Martyrs magazines, prayer maps, etc., but am gald to also have Open Doors as a resource. VOM has a Kids Of Courage magazine that they send out spotlighting a different country each time for children. I want my kids to know these things.

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