The Sound of Live Music

Keith & I love live productions, professional or local-yocal, over any old movie. They are always much more interesting. So, when The Sound of Music was advertised as coming to the local community stage, we went to see it last Saturday. I don’t have an actual video clip of it, but found the next best thing…

Thanks to Siggy for this find. Actually, Local Rolf was the weakest link, so it was nice to hear a better rendition there. Oh, and our Maria was pregnant. But what are you gonna do. You go with what you got. This production was right up there with the time we saw Fiddler on the Roof at the local foreign school in Korea years ago. They all spoke English as a first language at least. Actually, the half-Korean, teenage Reb Tevye did a whiz-bang job! It just took a scene or two to get past his Asian looks and the really fake beard to really get into him being an old Jewish Russian guy. Then there was the time we saw West Side Story done by our Korean college students. Now that was a production!! We actually did some work on pronunciation with some of the characters. Oh, it was rich. Beyond words. You haven’t lived ’til you hear, “Bo-yee, bo-yee, stay cool bo-yee…Got a locket in you pocket…” We were so proud.

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