Stop Kickin’ Up a Fuss & Take a Little Nap

Keith took the kids to the library Saturday morning after Nate’s basketball game & they dropped me off to shop alone!!! Wow, what a difference that makes in one’s shopping experience, let me tell you. No squashed bread, hide & seek in the toilet paper isles, etc.

Anyway, they came back with a ton of books & Songs of the Civil War CD . We’ve been listening to that the last few days accompanied by the kids dancing jigs to it in the living room. Cute. (It’s a little heavy on the Confederate side for my taste, musically speaking.) Callie’s devouring the Little House series right now, so Home Sweet Home is appropriate there & all. Two Little Boys & Goober Peas are fun songs, but one song (Cumberland Gap) stands out as a favorite & so has been adopted as Anders’ new theme song. To hear the song in its entirety, although a different rendition, go here. In the CD we have, we are treated to banjo, some skillful spoon-playing, whistling at one point, & they repeat the chorus line quite a bit more, hence the reason for it being Anders’ new theme…

Lay down boys & take a little nap
They’re kicking up a fuss in the Cumberland Gap.

I think it’s hilariously ironic that he loves this song so! You can imagine the words we’ve come up with for our family verses.

3 responses to “Stop Kickin’ Up a Fuss & Take a Little Nap

  • Alicia

    Sounds fun! I love your new? header (I read your blog from bloglines).

  • Renaissance Guy

    I enjoy the songs of that era. I’m not sure how music can be too Confederate for you.

  • liberty92

    Meaning, a little heavy on the twang. I really like fiddle, harmonica, banjo, etc. even spoons, but some of the southern twang/yodel on the Troy CD was a bit much at points – dare I say, had the air of hillbilly? – still fun. 🙂

    I really love “southern”, having lived in & loved the south & hope to live there again, just not hick. There’s a difference. I didn’t want to come right out & say it that way, though. I was trying to avoid the “h” words!!

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