A Word About Pets

Our family when I was growing up never had a lot of luck with pets. They usually lasted a few months tops. There were the parakeets (Wendy & Tweety), the hermit crabs who escaped incessantly to the corner of the bathroom behind the claw-foot tub, the gerbils (Whip & Snap), the cats (Cedric the Stinky & Theo – thought he was a god so amply named), the guinea pig (Esau?), Pepsi the selectively deaf wiener-beagle dog, lovely Taffy (Do any of you boys remember that gem of a dog? He dug up all Dad’s flowers like three times in two days, then he was go-o-o-one.). Only one stands out from the rest – Fritzy – our miniature schnauzer. He made it to three years. I have to hand it to Mom & Dad, they did keep trying to give us the pet experience.

Jeana from Days to Come relates her take on poodles in a way like no other. If you’ve never read her, you’ve got to read this one. It reminds me of dear Aunt Patt’s Siamese cats. Classic!! I laughed until there was a single glistening tear on the cheek. Gotta read it to get that one. For a good laugh, see Jeana.


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