Thinking Toward Next Year

Next year will be here before you know it. The overarching lessons I want to teach the children next year is the Fruit of the Spirit. In gathering the info, I have started a page of ideas (see page list on the right) to get the creative juices flowing. If you have ideas, please feel free to load up the comment box there over the next months.

I think I can use some Gothard materials I already have to lay the framework on this topic. Example – week one = dig into fruit of the month, week two = tell Bible story that teaches fruit of the month, week three = teach about an animal that exemplifies the fruit of the month, week four (when we have it) = review past fruit. I’d like the kids to have several verses for each fruit memorized. Also, I’m thinking they should work on some kind of accumulative project to review throughout the year like a mobile of some kind from the different animals, etc. Maybe some kind of “cage” to keep them in & get out to review? I’m thinking they will have a craft to make a variation of each animal on the week I teach on that animal. That gives you the idea for my basic overview of the year’s teaching, craft, activity schedule.

I know for myself, the older I get, the more I realize how desperately I need the Fruit of the Spirit in my life. It has become a daily prayer request for my life over the last few years. I’m looking forward to teaching them & really digging into them with the kids. That part is pretty much settled in my mind. It’s the theme, fun hook, that I need to decide on.

As far as a catchy theme for this topic, I have been wracking my brain & come up with several possibilities, each of which have strengths & weaknesses. One idea could be to do a chef theme – go with the fruit & food idea with aprons, chef hat, etc. I’ve thought about using the carpenter theme & hook that with building character. I think the boys would like that & cheap tool belts are easy to get ahold of for awards. Another would be to go with a bee theme, since bees hang around ripe fruit. We have access to a good giant bee costume, there’s plenty of bee stickers out there, etc. We could talk about “bee-ing” patient & “bee-ing” gentle, etc. As far as something to put pins on, I guess I would go back to the bag idea (works well for the kids to put & tote their Club stuff around) & get bee pins to award them with. Yet another would be to get sciency. Mom gave me three great object lesson books full of science experiments that I would love to hand to a couple guys in our church who would make great guest appearances as wacky scientists. Plus, Group is doing science as their VBS theme this summer & I always love their music & use it throughout the next year. I could probably find a church locally who’s done with their props & decorations to use, & they have lots of cute ideas like “test tube treats”, etc. A lot of it is in what you call it. Keith suggested I make a “periodic table” out of the character qualities & highlight the fruit of the spirit there. The kids or teachers could have lab coats as our “uniform” to put awards on.

Any ideas? Comments? Suggestions?


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