We Shall See Him Face To Face

Simeon knew instantly when he beheld It & told the Lord his life was finally complete now that he had seen It. John, the beloved disciple, who had spent years in Jesus’ presence, fell on his face as a dead man after seeing Him face to face in all His glory. King David asked for one thing of the Lord, “that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord, and to seek Him in His temple.” (Psalm 27:4) Moses’ face glowed like an alien for days upon days after getting a glimpse of His backside.

“No man ever saw God and lived. And yet, I shall not live till I see God; and when I have seen Him, I shall never die.” – John Donne

Sometimes when we think about Heaven, we get so caught up in what it will look like, who will be there, etc. But in reality, “being with God is the heart & soul of Heaven… God’s greatest gift to us is, and always will be, Himself.” (Randy Alcorn) I love that!! Everything will look different once we have seen Him. We will not just see the reflection of God’s glory around us, but we will see fully! When we look at a beautiful flower, beautiful only because God is beautiful & it has no choice but to reflect its Creator, we will no longer be able to see anything BUT God in it. The delightful, the stunning, the fulfilling, the rewarding, the fun in this life all reflects God now, but then we will see clearly & enjoy fully because we have seen Him. Our propensity to idolize those things now will be erased when sin is striped of it’s power, & we will be free to enjoy God’s incredible creation as it was meant to be enjoyed – to bring Him complete glory. And it will take eternity to give Him all the praise He is due!

In Club this week, we focused on Jesus being the Alpha & Omega, the Lamb that is worthy all through Revelation. (As most of you know, Club this year is focused on sheep: all we like sheep have gone astray, Jesus in our Good shepherd, shepherd boy King David worshiped in the pasture & wrote Psalms, the Lamb of God Who takes away the sin of the world, the OT sacrificial system & Jesus’ fulfillment of that, etc.)

This week, I used a lot from Chapter 17 of Alcorn’s book, Heaven, along with Revelation verses on worshiping the Lamb at the end of this age – what we have to look forward to. I sit here at the computer trying to put into “few” words the thoughts from that chapter in conjunction with Revelation, especially 22:3-5, but I just can’t do it. I think it best for you to just grab a copy of Heaven if you don’t already have one, & read chapter 17 this week. It will bless your socks off! The fact that Jesus permanently identified Himself with us when He died & rose again – He is forever God-man!! – blows me away! “God is a lavish giver. ‘He Who did not spare His own Son…’ If we didn’t have Christ, we would have nothing. But because of Christ, we have everything.”

I shared the little story from the end of the chapter about The Blind Boy & the King – powerful! It really puts our salvation & future hope of seeing our Lord face to face in a way even the children can understand & “feel”.

I know, I know. I don’t like to see Sandi sing anymore, either. But she’s the closest one to Mom when she sings it. Nobody sang this song like my momma! Just press play, then scroll your screen down to put Mom & Dad at the top. There. That’s more like it! Beautiful. Sweet memories.


4 responses to “We Shall See Him Face To Face

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  • Mike

    Why would you not want to watch Sandi Patty sing anymore? She has been forgiven of her sins just the same as we have been forgiven of ours. I believe that her ministry now is much better than it was before the fall – it is authentic. Let me encourage you to practice forgiveness. If God can forgive and forget, why can’t we?

  • liberty92

    My “forgiveness” of Sandi Patti has nothing to do with it – I don’t NOT forgive her. It’s not for me to “forgive” SP – that’s God’s job. I just don’t particularly like listening to her any more. Her style is not what I care to listen to.

    I do, however get tired of people saying just what you said (I have no idea if Sandi has ever has said it or not)…
    “I believe that her ministry is much better now than it was before the fall…” BUNK. If someone says that, it makes me all the more not want to listen to what they have to say. Sin has major consequences. Let’s not sugar coat or glamorize it, PLEASE. Give me a break trying to sell me the line that some sin has made you better or that you can do something better now because you’ve sinned.

    God, in His unfathomable mercy, chooses to make good out of our evil. But to say that anything is better after/because of some sin makes me sick. I just plain don’t believe it.

  • mike

    Oh, I had typed the PERFECT response and lost it. Let’s hope I get the words back. I didn’t mean to strike a nerve and I apologize if I jumped to conclusions. I am just so tired for Christians (and I am not meaning to throw you into this group) that throw stones at their wounded. We should nurse each other back to health. So many just point fingers and criticize. If their secret sins were exposed to the world – I’m sure they would not want the same reaction they tend to give.

    You misread what I intended to say. First, SP has never spoke the words I typed. Actually, she says the opposite! Her exact words have been, “sin is sin, there is no excusing sin or explaining it away.” She has gone on to say that she “fully understands the grave consequences of her sin and will forever walk with a scarlett letter on her chest”.

    IMHO, that scarlett letter (instead of adultery) should stand for Atoned.

    I am a pretty conservative guy – I am not a live and let live Oprah style Christian. What I meant by her being better now than before had nothing to do with her sin making her a better person – not at all. In the 80’s she was so glossy – perfect acting – and, well, kind of fake. These days, she just lets it all hang out – the pleasant and the not-so-pleasant. She is more real…that is why she is better. The sin (IMHO) did not cause this to happen. I just believe that through her restoration process she got a lot closer to the Lord – I believe her spiritual life (for the sake of not-judging) is much more authentic and it shows in her professional life.

    I just like that she is more real. That is what I meant by that.

    What does bunk mean? Is that a curse word? Should we stop and pray? haha

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