Shopping & Clothing Woes

Spent my morning trying to shop. Now, understand this is a major ordeal for me. I know what I want, just can NEVER find it. I must have unique tastes. No comments from the peanut gallery here, PLEASE! I’ve come close to going here with my attire, but not yet. If they would just use ANYTHING but pastels, I might be persuaded (can’t stomach those pastels!). It would make life easier. And I’ve dreamed of mother-daughter outfits for years.

This is probably way too obscure to be of any interest or use to others, but I have been searching for good, thick t shirts for all members of the family & have yet to find the right ones. When Dad passed away two years ago, I snatched up his t shirt collection & boy am I glad now I did! They are the staple of my wardrobe at this point. They are sturdy, well cut, no pockets, not too long – just right! I like the “layered look” – t shirt with long sleeved big shirt on top.

Speaking of clothes hunting, when I was expecting Nate, shopping for maternity clothes was ridiculously expensive & limited to two stores in Columbus; nothing local. It’s gotten better I have to say, but since I’m still wearing the same sorry shirt for working out from eleven years ago (the only one left & paint splattered at that), I felt it was time to look for new ones. Well, all shirts offered in maternity sections currently are sleeveless, tight somewhere, and/or some funky nylon seventies design! Am I the only one who just wants to get a basic t shirt without pockets, thick, not showing my belly button or looking like a tunic tent, AND in a few feminine colors would be nice. Is that too much to ask?

I tell you, these Pluma t shirts from Dad are awesome all year around, pregnant or not! I love them. Come to find out, they are not replaceable. The Pluma company sold their stuff years ago through Sam’s Club, but have since gone under. After doing some digging, it sounds like this coming February though, Walmart is going to be selling a similar shirt!! I sure hope this source knew what they were talking about. They didn’t say the brand name yet, but you can bet your bottom dollar I will be combing the mens shirts at Walmart starting this February.

Now, does anybody know where to get maternity workout shorts that go at least halfway down the thigh? They don’t seem to sell them anywhere. Closest I can find are “Daisy Duke” short – I ask you what woman wants to work out EVER with shorts riding up the rear?? Honestly, I get so tired of fashion!

I’m also looking for a CUTE (not Amish) flannel nightgown. You know, with a pretty yoke, eyelet edges, a little puff to the sleeve, & a large ruffled hem – full length & nursing capability would be fabulous. I am so close to pulling out my old sewing machine, digging up my twenty year old nightgown pattern & making one myself. But the lazy side of me always wins here. This kind of stuff gets me thinking I should’ve been either Amish or born a hundred years earlier. I guess rich enough to just have my clothes made to order would’ve worked, too.

Don’t even get me started with the difficulties of being a 5’8″ woman looking for pants. Regular is always too short & talls are impossible to find or too long. A clothes horse I never will be.

Conclusion: My clothing tastes can be found somewhere between Vermont Country Store, Cabela’s, and “old but comfy”.


2 responses to “Shopping & Clothing Woes

  • Valerie

    Good luck with that.

  • Jenny

    Have you gone to Kohl’s? They usually have more modest clothes there.
    I don’t know that I have heard of materity work out shorts. Do pregnant women work out? 😉 I am not sure what you are looking for, but I have a pair of capri type work out pants. They are compfortable and modest.
    Kohl’s has some cute night gowns with matching robes too. I bought my nursing gown and robe through the JC Penney catalog. It’s worth checking out.

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