The Newest Rage At Our House

Have you been to Club Penguin yet? TOO FUN!! The kids & I all adopted penguin identities over the weekend & have had a blast tubing down the ski slopes together, making pizzas, sending post cards to each other, surfing, having snowball fights, swimming, ice fishing, hosting parties at each others’ igloos, playing connect four or mancala, jet skiing, etc. My personal favorite is the ski slope. My brother & niece joined us on the slopes for a few tournaments. You can even do a little victory dance. Ask me how I know.

For great cabin fever fun (& an effective homeschool motivator – no penguin until the work is done!), go here & get your penguin today. Everything’s free to play, etc. They do have membership ($6 a month), but the only thing that does is let you get costumes for your penguin at the theater & buy pet igloos & accessories. It is every bit as fun without that!


A special thanks to our cousins in the north woods for sharing!

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