Go, Boca!

2007 surprise health food hit at our house…

Boca Burgers!! I’ve been cooking up these tasty burgers for the fam the last few months & they LOVE ’em. So, we tried the chicken patty version last night. They are really good!! When you slap these babies on a light bun, each sandwich comes in at a mere 4 points (Weight Watchers) verses McD’s chicken sandwich at 13 points. And they taste the same in our book. That is not a compliment, really. I do not like McD’s, but the family does. Anyway, I do like these chicken patties! The burger versions are only 3 points (bun included)!

The Battle of the Bulge rages on continually at our house, so I have orders from the top down to keep healthy, low point food on our table. They’re more expensive, but my hubby tells me you either pay the grocer for good food, or the doctor with bad health later. I am so grateful for him! If left to my own vices, I would be in major trouble food wise. I love to cook & eat down home cookin’, but we’re trying to pass on healthy habits to the kiddos as well as keep ourselves in some semblance of good health. Our bodies are a temple. šŸ™‚ Boca, thanks for making it less painful!

If you’ve never given soy products a try, now’s a good time to start. Believe me, if MY family could love them, yours could, too. I never thought soy would be on my table, but they are – now twice a week! Enjoy.


2 responses to “Go, Boca!

  • Charley

    Thanks for the recommendation and the point value! I will try them!

  • Alicia

    I love Boca Burgers. I try to have them on hand so that I can eat one when we make hamburgers because I much prefer them. Everyone else in my family also loved them – until they had to eat gluten-free. :^( And they’re so easy to make.

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