“Now That I’ve Held Him In My Arms…”


Simeon & Anna have long been huge heroes of mine. In high school, a duet was written about Simeon that Dad & I sang together, “Now that I’ve held him in my arms…” It touches my heart even now. Dad sang the Simeon part. If our next baby is a girl, we want to give her the middle name Ann after Anna (with Victoria as a first name, the extra “a” is a bit much!).

During our Seoul Union years, one Christmas we were asked to write a devotional before Thanksgiving & Pastor compiled them all into an advent booklet, complete with children’s drawings, etc. I love that idea! We still have that booklet from way back in 1996. I wrote on, you guessed it, Anna.

Scripture Reading: Luke 2:36-38
Key Verse: “…and (Anna) continued to speak of Him to all those who were looking for the redemption of Jerusalem.” (verse 38)

An ordinary couple came with an “average” baby to the temple for their routine sacrifice. Yet Anna was walking with her Father so closely & watching so intently for the Saviour of her people to come as promised that she recognized Him immediately.

Those around her talked of a king who would kick the Romans out of Israel. “When will He come and avenge us?” they asked. Others had given up hope that He would ever come. Still others said they were watching & waiting, but lived their lives as if He never would. But not Anna! She was very old & yet still she watched daily for God’s promise. So when He did come, she knew His face instantly. She recognized the same spirit in that Baby that she communed with every day! She couldn’t stop talking about Him!

Are we eagerly waiting for our Saviour’s return? Will we recognize His glorious face when we stand before Him? Or are we as those around Anna, speculating our own ideas of how & when He will come? Or, have we given up hope altogether that He’ll ever return? Do we live our lives as if He won’t be back any time soon?

Anna challenges me to anxiously await my Lord’s return daily. And always be so “in tune” with God that I won’t be surprised when I see him. If we really believe He’s returning, we can’t help but “continue speaking of Him” to those around us until that day.

Prayer: Lord, may I be faithful as Anna was in watching for You. Remind me that You do keep Your promises; You will come back, and there are those around me who’ve not heard. Give me Anna’s sense of joy at communing with You daily, her sense of urgency to share You with those around her, and her keen spiritual awareness to see You in the “Ordinary” things in life. Amen.

Nancy Leigh DeMoss is talking about Anna & Simeon today at Revive Our Hearts. Gonna download that one & listen in!

PS – Just listened. She has the old song Dad & I sang!!! She found it!! 🙂 It was Michael Card – I remember that now. Love, love, love that Michael Card. Thank You, Lord, for that extra special little blessing today.

One response to ““Now That I’ve Held Him In My Arms…”

  • Alicia

    We were privilged to attend the world premeire of Dwight Gustafson’s opera Simeon last Christmas. I was realy hoping that it would be released on CD or DVD by now, but it hasn’t. I love those characters too.

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