Thankful for Thirteen

Happy Anniversary to us! Happy Anniversary to us! Happy Anniversary, Dear Lovey. Happy Anniversary to us.

Thirteen glorious years ago today, we set out on this journey of life together. And I’m so glad to be living this life with one so smart as well as wise, fun-loving, patient, and full of integrity. I truly admire this man. He so needs me (think Absent-minded Professor), but I so need him (think Anne Shirley before Gilbert). God sure knew what He was doing when He put us together.


Every year, my dear hubby plans a fun outing in celebration of the day. Usually, due to the crowding of Christmas schedules, it doesn’t happen on the actual day of our anniversary, but somewhere within the week or two surrounding. Over the years, we’ve had various get-aways, but this year Keith scouted out a unique Christmas program. A rather large church in Columbus had a one night only praise & worship Christmas celebration. Neither of us quite knew what to expect, but it was fantastic! We came away focused on the Savior’s birth & majesty. We were able to participate the whole time, rather than just be spectators which we both loved. (By the way, that’s something else I adore about Keith. He loves to sing & join in. He not one of those guys who just observes a church service.) Very well done.

One thing that really made this unique was that the words were displayed at all times for the choir & audience so everybody could sing all the time. Participation was welcomed. It had carols we all knew interspersed with new songs of worship & praise to the King of Kings. They only did it once, so the choir was really singing from the heart, not pumping out another performance.

The format was familiar, though. I always loved Dad’s Christmas Eve service & this echoed it. Dad would have people of varying ages read a section of the Luke 2 passage, & in between, he had Christmas carols that focused on that section & there’d be special music done by those who had something (music, skit, etc.) prepared to help you focus on each section of the story. This church had the same basic idea just on a larger scale. A man came to the mic & read a section, then there were worship & praise numbers to join in on, then maybe one special song from a soloist, then the next passage was read. So it was reminiscent of the old Christmas Eve services Dad did as well.

Afterward, we ate at The Cheesecake Factory. Can I just say that place is the bomb? Never been there before, but seeing as how I *LUV* cheesecake, it’s been on the list for quite some time. We both left dizzy from the sugar high after the incredible cheesecake. It was something else. But for dinner, Keith enjoyed bbq ribs & I had orange chicken & stir fry/rice. AWESOME! Both of them. They were such huge portions we traded half way through. Great meal. Another great anniversary date. A huge thanks to Mom who loved on the kids while we were out.

I have to say, the thing I’ve learned over the last few years is to be thankful for each day together. We are not guaranteed another. And so I cherish today & celebrate the past year God has given us together. Not everyone is so blessed.


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