Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!!


Well, we’re snowed in for the weekend. I love it! Keith only wishes it wouldn’t always hit on a weekEND. Yes, we did learn our lesson from last year & have winterized. Time for a crockpot bubbling with chili, a pan of hot cornbread, & chocolate chip cookies. I put original Little Rascals on the computer for the kids to watch while we baked. Never tried that before, but it was fun.

Every time it snows like this, it reminds me of the first year we were married & got snowed in down in Virginia. Keith was finishing up his teaching degree & my two younger brothers were in school at Liberty, too, so we got together often for Sunday dinner or whatever. The boys had an apartment off campus about a half a mile from ours for a little while.

Our oldest brother lived two hours away, so Luke was off to visit him one weekend. I think the other brother must’ve been out on tour during all this. (He was in the Sounds of Liberty. Best looking one in the group, too. Not proud of him or anything.) The plan was for Patrick to drive Luke home Sunday afternoon, but the forcast was looking ominous & we thought we better give them a call to get Patrick thinking about perhaps moving the trip up a day early. “Oh, you guys have been down south too long! For crying out loud, a few flakes fall & you all make a mad rush to the grocery to stock up on toilet paper, rice, & milk. Like you’re going to need more rice during a storm or something. We’ll be all right. Don’t panic.” A few hours later we called back & snow had started where they were. “Well, I guess we can come up early. It’s no big deal.”

By the time they found their way back to VA, they were totally snowed in. As I recall, they had to make a hike to our apartment a mere 24 hours later for some TOILET PAPER!!! It was too rich! I will never let my big brother forget that one. He ended up spending three or four days in VA with Luke rather than going back. We all had a fun time playing in the snow that week though. It was kind of our last “childhood” hurrah together before our own kids came along. Good times.


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