Football Mania

My little guy has all of a sudden taken up football as the main interest in his life. He is entirely his own man, let me tell you! Neither big brother nor Daddy have ever gotten into football as much as he has these last few months. He chose the Patriots to be his favorite team. We live in Ohio, so I don’t know if it’s the colors or what, but since the Patriots are headed to the Super Bowl this year, I have to say he has a very good eye for a four year old.

Every time we go to the library, he marches up to the desk & asks the librarian to help him find some football books. At this point, he knows which shelf to find the basic ones, but like last time, he wanted a Christmas football book. He’s looking for those off-beat football books. Anyway, a few weeks ago, we went to the itty bitty branch close by & he spied a brand new copy of “Then Tress Said to Troy”. Mind you, this is a big book, not a picture book, complete with a CD of old great Buckeye moments in history. He was adamant about getting that book, insisting he would read it, & he has. He came straight home, stuck the CD in the player & sat fingering through that book while listening for at least an hour! He has been spotted carting that book around under his arm pretty much every day since.

Anyway, this morning, he got up earlier than the other two, a common occurrence, but we had an hour or so to snuggle & “connect”, so we looked through some football books together. He paged through telling me which team each player is on based upon their uniforms & helmets, & whether or not they are the “far away team” in the game picture or the “close team” (home & away). He is incredibly good at knowing the teams! I haven’t spent any time drilling him on the various teams, so don’t know how he knows them. He must be very observant during the games he’s watched with Daddy. He was pointing out each team & all when he came across one he didn’t know. He looked at it closely, then said, “Oh, I know. That team is the ‘Tippy Tops’.” He came up with the best name for a team he could come up with to cover his tracks. Not a bad name for a team if I do say so myself. Just wondering what the mascot would be on that one. Hm-m-m.

Go, Tippy Tops, Go!!!

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