Through the Eyes of a Four Year Old

My little guy is such a fun, unique one. Had to get a few of his favorite things down in a list…

construction trucks
policemen (used to call them “smees-men”)
helping (especially Daddy)
watching Daddy work
playing football with Daddy
football in general
playing school, church, wedding & hospital with C
(his name is always “Jim” & hers is “Alisa”)
furrowing eyebrows
sticking bottom lip out
snack time at church
(He just moved up to the “big kids” group on Wednesday nights this year, but whenever he gets squirrly I’ll send him to the teen group to sit with Daddy. He was going pretty often for awhile until he asked if there was going to be a snack at church tonight. I was naturally curious seeing as how we don’t do snacks in Club. Come to find out, the teens do & teen girls are suckers for little boys with big brown eyes! He said he liked the “baby class” he used to be in because of snacks & I guess he’d figured out how to keep a good thing going! His mama didn’t raise no fool. Needless to say he now watches the teens eat when he’s in teen group; not quite as much fun.)
the song “Jesus Loves Me” – all time favorite
his little green Bible
his red checked shirt
dressing up – sweater vests & ties
his black super suit & cape & gloves
brushing his teeth
salad with Daddy’s dressing
salsa – hot foods
other people’s toothbrushes, glasses, sippy cups, chapstick, etc.
his “rah-monica” (harmonica) & piano
his Big Wheel
playing with his cousins & kitty cats
free cookies at the grocery store 😉

“What’s for zert?” “I’m ready ferzert!” “That’s my ferzert!” = dessert
“Don’t leave about me!” = means “without me”
“Ah-prize!!” = surprise


When I asked him what his favorite things were, his first response was “tractors”.
Mom: “What else?”
A: “My Mom & Dad, brother & sister.”
Mom: (sniff) “Come here & give me a hug, you little sweetie pie!” Does he know how to melt a heart or what?
He proceeded to rattle off a list of all those he loved including Grandmas, cousins, aunts, uncles, and Sara (still his favorite babysitter!!)
Mom: “But what do you like to do or what’s your favorite color, book, that kind of thing?”
A: “I like to watch Mr. Morrison’s movie. Can we see that?”
Mr. Morrison is a teacher with my dear hubby who made five homemade “shorts” to help kids learn the school rules. They are very clever, but we haven’t watched them for a long time, maybe a year?, so he must really like them to put them this high on his list! Mr. Morrison will be so proud to hear this news.

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