“You Won!”

Okay, so I signed up for an American Girl doll contest last weekend because the box was there. If we won, I thought, we’ll deal then about what to do with the doll. Well, we won!! My father-in-law used to tease us that he would plunk down the money for us to buy a lottery ticket because we are so lucky in contests. That never happened – none of us are lotto playing folk. In reality, you gotta know what ones are worth entering. These local things (one winner per store, short entry period, how full the box is & whether it’s been advertised much, etc.) make a big difference in your chances of winning. We don’t usually bother with big things like the Publisher’s Clearing House, etc. This particular contest was in the back of the store in the children’s section of Barnes & Noble, you had to be 18 or older to put your signature on the application, & the gig was up in a few days, so I knew I had a good chance.

We now have several options, all of which make me smile:
1) My niece is all agog over AGDolls & wants one BADLY. She is, I understand, five dollars away from getting one. I think she has her mind set on a particular one, so she probably would be a bit dissappointed with this one. It’s the new 70’s doll, Julie. Plus, that raises issues with her sister getting one, etc.

2) Giving her to Callie who doesn’t have a particular interest in these dolls, but may when said niece actually brings one home. Every month, this bookstore has an American Girls party on a Saturday where girls can bring their dolls & moms can chat or join them while they have different themed parties. This month will be a mystery night. They have like an hour & a half of games, books, crafts, etc. centered around one of the characters. It sounds like a blast & could be a really fun memory builder through the next year or so with my neice, sister-in-law, daughter & me. It’d make a good excuse to have a ladies night out. Shoot, now that Mom’s foot loose & fancy free (for those of you who haven’t heard, she retired this week!!!), she should join us.

3) Sell the Julie doll on ebay & spend the money on either another AGdoll Callie would like better (probably Kaya), or something else fun for the family.

So there you have it. I am having fun today daydreaming over the options & thanking the Lord for the fun of winning contests:)


PS – When we told Callie about the doll, she suddenly got a very peaked interest in AGdolls. I think she knows what a pinchpenny her mother is & figured getting an AGdoll would never happen, so decided not to let her mind go there. She’s so excited about playing with her cousin & the dolls together, she immediately called to offer her $4.97 toward the cousin’s fund to bump up the timetable on her getting her doll. “Well, I don’t have to pay anything for my doll, so I could give my money to A so we can get them together. I mean, I don’t need the money for anything.” After further investigation, A needs yet another $5, so there will be some “chores” this week so money can be more quickly gathered. Anyone want a potholder? The girls have a few left around here. I suppose those could go for $1 a piece now. Just say the word & list the desired colors:) Send checks or money orders to the United Cousins’ Doll Fund – “UCDF”. Nate’s already called in a pledge for 50 cents to get the ball rolling.

4 responses to ““You Won!”

  • Jenny

    I love Julie. She is so cute. Congratualtions on winning the doll. I thought about getting one for Claire, but they are costly and I am not sure she would take care of it. My mom has Felicity and everything that goes with her. I mean everything.

  • Charley

    Yes – I would like some potholders. Maybe 10 or 20!!!

  • liberty92

    Well, the girls set up a Farmer’s Market on the front lawn this morning (probably tomorrow’s blog) so we’ll see how many are left:)

  • liberty92

    Well, the girls set up a Farmer’s Market on the front lawn this morning (probably tomorrow’s blog) so we’ll see how many are left: after the deluge of customers they anticipate:)

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