Savings & Soapboxes

For those of you who don’t normally shop at Kroger, here’s the scoop…

This week only, the Columbus Zoo is selling tickets for $1.80 each if you show them a Kroger Plus card, but they’re not really advertising it much. The special runs through Thursday, October 4th. Seeing as how we’re supposed to have excellent weather this week (Tuesday & Thursday), this is a penny-pincher’s dream come true!!

Special thanks to Luke for keeping me informed here. He loves Kroger-ing!!

Also, October 5-8 is Columbus Days where many places are 50% off. See flyer for details. This is a great week to get to Columbus & take the kids on a few outings on the cheap.

Allow me a short “soapbox” here. I was talking with a mom yesterday about this & her comment was, “I wish I could take ______ out of school. She’d love to go with us & we miss having her with us on these things.” She was unsure of whether the school would LET her take her child out of school!! Can I give you three perspectives on this?

As a child – Mom & Dad frequently took us out of school to spend time with them. They were extremely busy with ministry, jobs, further schooling, etc. But they made family time a priority. I LOVED those times!! My siblings & I never made perfect attendance, in fact, as I look back over the records, there were quarters we missed quite a lot of school (never truency stuff), but we ALL made honor rolls & in fact all went on to get masters degrees. Your child will be able to catch up on whatever they missed in school, but those family days are invaluable.

As a teacher – I had a few parents who would take their children out to do something. The kids would come sheepishly up to the desk & ask for assignments ahead of time & tell me they couldn’t say what they were doing, etc. Like they were embarrassed. I loved assuring them that they needed to go & have a great time with their family. I’d give them a few bare bones assignments & tell them to not worry over it – they can hand stuff in later. Any teacher who’d lay a guilt trip over a family having fun together needs a head examination!! Trust me, they’ve got the problem, not you! There’s no little worksheet or assembly your child’s going to miss that will ever come CLOSE to quality time spent with you.

As a parent – We parents stand before God for the upbringing of the children He has given to us. The teacher & school are your helpers in this task. They do not own your child or your child’s schedule. YOU do what’s bests for your child. Period. If you want to spend time with your child, pull them out for a fun day together. No guilt!! In fact, be thrilled you are able. Bask in life today.:)

And now I hop off the ol’ soapbox & return to mothering. Thanks for listening.

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