Thanks, Auntie V!!


I’ve got one happy, happy boy on my hands this weekend! He got a Lego magazine in the mail both yesterday AND today. Then Uncle Luke came over with a costume Aunt Valerie found while in the checkout lane at the local second hand store!! AWESOME!!! He already had the mask (from Grandma W) & the light saber, though I’ve been informed the whole thing just isn’t complete without a red one – Darth’s color. (I told him to pretend he stole that blue one from a jedi or else start collecting TP tubes to spray paint red.) I’ve had a hard time peeling this off of him to go to church.

I have a special thank you to send out to Valerie for the costume. Nate has been begging me for weeks to let him buy a Spiderman costume from Wal-Mart (size 4!!!) & I just couldn’t get him to understand those kinds of things don’t really come in his sizes much at this point in his life. SO, he suggested we get some material so I could whip him up an outfit or two. THANK YOU for saving me the time, frustration, etc. at the sewing machine trying to do that!!! You’re my hero.:)

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