Happy Chusok 2007!

Chusok chal pullae sa oh!
“Big sky, fat horses.”

Fall is here…

Now, where’s the Spam? I better pick up a gift set at the store tonight for my dear hubby.:) It’s Chusok, you know!

In honor of the holiday & with fond memory of our years at Myongji, I give you a sample of the Baduk Channel. I just love to listen to Hangul – takes me back. Our University is most famous for it’s Baduk degree. Yes, you can get a degree in this game! And Myongji University is the place to “go” if you want to perfect your game (pun intended)…

The timer lady in the background, “Hana, dul, set…” reminds me of our dear trainer at the local Y in Seoul – Mr. Kong. He was HUGE (think a 5′ 5″ Arnold Swartzeneggar with jet black spiky hair) & would yell out the time really loudly for those doing sit-ups, etc. Other Korean Y memories: the row of 50’s style gut wiggle/jiggle machines, the metal disc that people would stand on & turn 360 degrees each way – how did they keep from throwing out their backs?, the large sticks behind the neck swung around wildly, the three gyms full of third-fifth grade students learning Tae Kwon Do after school, the chock full lanes in the swimming pool (half with little ajimonies clad in swim caps chatting it up!), the stares as a 5’8″ pregnant woman worked out, the love for Nate as their little foreign “eggy-ba” (his big blue eyes got the college girls every time), the personal swimsuit wringer-outer at the front of the locker room (at the hotel gym – we worked out there the first year before we found the Y), oh, the memories!

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