Movie Review: “An Inconvenient Truth”

So I watched “An Inconvenient Truth” last night. Un-BULL-lieve-able!!!!! Have you seen it?!

Three things…

1 – He says “it’s a moral issue” after showing tons of these Power Point graphs like we’re morons. (Frankly, the cartoons & homemade video of a polar bear trying to get on a breaking little ice cube insulted my intelligence.) I find it so ironic that these people who’ve shouted from the rooftops for years about science being so much above faith are now trying to bring faith & morals back into the picture by using “science“. This movie is shamelessly religious. From the anti-religious!! It even ended with an alter call, complete with piano background while he made a plea for all to join the cause.

2 – I don’t believe HIM. How can I? Here he is, trying to tell me he cares so much about this planet & is desperately trying to wave the warning flag for his children’s sake, while he jets around in private airplanes (although for the movie he is shown being frisked & sitting in a commercial plane – what a farce!!!), lives in a HUGE mansion, & leaves his own gigantic carbon footprint. Oh, yeah, I forgot. He’s buying those carbon offsets – FROM HIMSELF!!!!!!! This movie is one giant ad for his own company & it makes me angry! He is weasling around pulling out the “moral’ card, throwing around a slide show full of homemade graphs & cartoons, & expecting people to soak it all up like a brainless sponge! And incredibly, many are! As Ravi Zacharias says, “Let My people think”!!!!!!!

3 – Weather changes. That’s a fact. We’ve had ice ages, plate tectonic shifts (theoretically), a flood, etc. And guess what? The earth does end up in a ball of fire – the Bible tells us that in Revelation. So we already know the ending. He sure has made an awful lot of assumptions & “if”s to get where he tells us we’re going due to our cars & light bulbs.

Conclusion – Does Al really expect me to believe we “bad Americans” are causing all the weather change?! Has he seen the power in our sun lately? Or how much carbon a volcano spews out in short order? Does he really think he’s that powerful? (Don’t answer that.) Has he ever been to Asia?!!!! There’s so much pollution there you can’t see across the river often! And I’ve only been to two countries over there! Even I can see they’re belching out a WHOLE lot more stuff in the atmosphere than we are. So no, I don’t believe his little graph about America being the big, bad problem. And no, I don’t believe he’s on the up & up. I believe we need to take care of this world God made & worship Him alone, not live in fear or throw money at some guy because he made a Power Point presentation & needs a “legacy”. So there you have it.

PS – If you’re interested in hearing more about the other side of the story, I just found another documentary that is worth watching. It came out of Great Britain in 2007 & has nine parts to it. A must see!


10 responses to “Movie Review: “An Inconvenient Truth”

  • Rob V.

    In the 70’s Newsweek was trying to scare us about global COOLING. Take a look.

  • Dan

    “3 – Weather changes. That’s a fact. We’ve had ice ages, plate tectonic shifts (theoretically), a flood, etc. And guess what? The earth does end up in a ball of fire – the Bible tells us that in Revelation. So we already know the ending.”

    So that’s the solution? Rapture? (in this case by way of flooding out half the world’s population in the next 50 years)

  • Dan

    Also, I note that in the TN Center for Policy Research article, there’s no mention of what his carbon footprint is (only his expenditures), despite you’re saying that it does. What gives?

    And what gives with using the same link to argue that the movie is “shamelessly religious”? Either you don’t know what the word religious connotates, or you haven’t read the linked article, or you’re just being lazy.

  • Dan

    And, oh, it gets better – the “American Thinker” article is a sham! You really need to go read a few snippets of the IPCC reports.

  • liberty92

    Well, Dan, you’re right – I didn’t double check & accidentally did the link on “religious” incorrectly. I corrected it just for you though. Thanks for noticing & enjoy:) LA

  • Dan

    Well okay then.

    Still, you link to a Michael Crichton article. Are you interested in linking to anyone who’s interested in portraying science accurately?

    Environmentalism is a religion?! Um, no – environmentalism is:
    1. Advocacy for or work toward protecting the natural environment from destruction or pollution.
    2. The theory that environment rather than heredity is the primary influence on intellectual growth and cultural development.

  • gasdocpol

    The earth is only 6000 years old
    Creationism is a science
    Evolution is only an unproven theory
    Eve came from Adam’s rib
    Al Gore is a liar
    George Bush is our greatest president

  • Charley

    Wow – did you hit a nerve! I’m glad you had the patience to watch that – I don’t think I could.
    Suzie wants to have a Rummy Night – pass it on.

  • Pete Burkey

    I just randomly fall across your blog…and I am very encouraged in that you don’t buy Gore’s line of “Inconvenient Truth” trash! It’s good to know that there are still a few people out there who will think for themselves, and not buy the latest propaganda of the liberals!

  • Dan

    Ugh, how annoying to have this thread pop up again on my WordPress “My Comments,” and even more annoying to think the data from Inconvenient Truth is “propaganda of the liberals.” It’s science (or more specifically, climatology and geophysics), stupid.

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