Flashback Friday IV

No, I won’t go on with these forever, but some are just too good to leave in the attic scrap box. This one has a story behind it…


It was the summer Nate turned one. We were home from Korea for a couple weeks, so Mom & Dad thought it would be fun to go to an amusement park for the day. We had a blast, except that Mom had busted up her leg on the church basement stairs a week or so before & was not up to walking around the park. As embarassed as she was to get a wheelchair, it had to be done.

Mom got tired of being pushed around all day so took a break & sat on a bench at one point. Dad thought he’d give her chair a spin down the midway. While he was away, he wheeled up to the hair painting booth & innocently asked if they gave discounts for Veterans. They said, “For you, it’s free.” They never asked him if he was a veteran & he never said he was! So, the picture shows the result, the wheelchair, & Mom in the background if you look closely. Dad enjoyed the rest of the day happily telling people where he got his hair done. And, yes, a lot of people asked! That place actually ended up making money on Dad. It was hilarious. Fun memories.

PS – For the kids: note the red mark on Grandpa’s right elbow. I don’t have too many pictures that show that, but it’s just a birthmark. He used to love to make a huge pretend howl & cry when a child touched it just for the fun of the reaction.

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