Full Speed Ahead!

First day of school behind us. We’ve got some bugs to work out in the scheduling & we shuffled all the bookshelves around tonight so the books & materials I need are now in the same room with the computers. The first week of school always wears me out. I like routine so much better than “free for all”. It’ll be a week or more before routine sets in.

Tomorrow night is our closing Round-Up musical on the Ten Commandments. My cohort & I are working out all the last details; printing programs, finishing costuming, etc. It will be fun, but nice to have behind us. We have the kids scheduled to perform it twice more – for the Harvest Festival in October & again for the local nursing home – but the first time is a bit nerve-wracking for me.

On top of that, the next week starts our Kid’s Club for the year on Wednesday nights. I’ve re-formated things a bit there, so people are going to be looking at me kind of wondering what to do for a few weeks. I feel right now like that’s what everybody’s doing. All day long today, I’d get one child settled into a lesson, turn around to help the next , & for some reason, two kids would be at my elbow asking, “What’s next?” They are all three so excited about school starting. And for that I am glad. But we need this week or so to tweek things.

Let’s just say I don’t think I’ll have trouble sleeping tonight! But first, that pile of papers to grade & lessons to look over for tomorrow await me. Next week, I can be ahead of the game rather than one step behind. That’s the plan.

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