Mawwage! Mawwage is What Bwings Us Heew Togethow Today!

My two younger ones love to play wedding right now. I suspect Callie is the instigator & Anders is just along for the ride. Anyway, I was working on something in the kitchen & overheard some of the conversation & got such a chuckle I had to come write it down!

First of all, they came to me wanting to have a couple rings out of the prize box. Then Callie asked if she could get an outfit & veil from the attic. Next thing you know, she’s explaining to Anders…

C – “You put the ring on this middle finger; it’s the birdie finger.” (We have had to explain that the OTHER middle finger is a bad thing & you don’t give someone the bird – they’ll get mad & it’s just bad. She’s a little confused about it.)

She tries on a couple play rings as they decide which two to use. One gets stuck on Callie’s finger.

C – “Mom, where’s the ring remover?”

Mom – “Sorry honey. I think we’re out of that.;) Just use handcream up there by the sink.”

C – (After slathering her finger & wrenching the ring off) “Thanks, Mom.”

They spend some time picking out the dress for Callie & primping up her outfit.

A – (shoots a dart gun across the room)

Mom – “Hey, no shooting that thing in the house.”

C – “Maybe I shouldn’t marry you.”

A – “I’ll shoot someone if they come too close to you.”

Mom – (thinking) NICE.

C – (Excitedly) “It’s time for the marriage! Come on!”

The kids run into the north room. Mom decides to be the photographer for this joyous event – See pix in Flickr to the left.

After the ceremony, I agreed to them having a small Hostess treat for the cake. They came up with the idea to try to cut it & feed it to each other! Funny!! I went on about my business. Next thing I knew, they were sitting on the couch with a stack of books. They wanted me to take a picture of their baby Violet. Anders was reading French to her while Callie rocked their dear offspring. (Yes, just like their father does with them each night. Doesn’t everybody?!)

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