…Have wheels; will give you money!


We had our first family game night of the new school year last night to start the scheduling routine back up. This was the first time all three children participated in a game of LIFE together. Have you played the new version? It kicks it up a notch. When I was a kid, my cousin & I played the old one for hours. We loved it! We named everyone in the car, traded cars in for newer models, etc. My kids now like to do the same thing. They still have those little plastic mini vans with pink & blue peg people. Callie named my twin girls for me – Rosie & Daffodil – & was oh, so disappointed when she didn’t get to adopt her own set. But she was a movie star, so hey! I was a cop with a measly $50,000 salary, but if anyone spun a 10, I got $5000 from them for speeding. Anders was the accountant & cleaned house when we all landed on tax day – we had to pay our taxes to him. Nate was the teacher among us with a $90,000 salary – gotta find out where he landed THAT teaching job!!

Boy, would my cousin love the new version! You get career cards & salary cards, & even house deeds. You might end up with a beach house, or a trailer, or a split level. They did away with fire insurance & that annoying colored strip that we used to use for the stock market that was always the first thing to get all bent up & trashed.

Being banker kept me quite busy, since I’m the only one who really knows how to run the thing yet. Anders just kept handing me money for no reason! That, & his little hand was perpetually hovered over the spinner asking if it was his turn. So, with enough action having four players, Keith asked if anyone would mind his bowing out to put together Anders’ new Big Wheel. I’m not sure anyone noticed in all the commotion. They did notice however, at the end of the game when the new Big Wheel was assembled & all “sticker-fied”. It’s a hit. He had to sit on it all through devotions & prayer time.

Anders has loved his Big Wheel this last year or so, but the handles started falling off a little while back every time he’d get on to ride. He’s been riding it with just the stem part to hold on to & steer. It was really a sad, sad sight. We figured we could afford to replace it for him seeing as how he has loved that thing to it’s literal death & he really hasn’t gotten many new toys over the years – hasn’t needed to with all the hand-me-down toys from his siblings! When I got on line yesterday to look for a replacement, a seemingly simple task, much to my surprise, in July the manufacturer for the original Big Wheel went under & they are no longer making them! We really wanted the original – no electronic gadgets or souped up whatever – just the good-old-fashioned-fun Big Wheel. But, alas, summer is coming to an end & who knows how soon another manufacturer will pick up the business again. I’m sure they won’t let it go too long, but by next spring, Anders may very well be on to Callie’s old bike in the garage waiting for him. So, we broke down & got a souped up version. He now is the proud rider of a big-wheel-type motorcycle complete with lights & motorcyle sounds when you turn the ignition. We have one happy little Harley hog zooming around our driveway today!


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