Daily Archives: August 20, 2007

The Blessing of Family


We took this picture on Mom’s porch last week when my brothers were in. These are all the cousins so far – seven girls & six boys. Cute crew, huh?

The last week has been so fun watching the kids gorge out on cousin time! The moment their eyes pop open in the morning, they are asking when they can be with Sammy or if Sarah could come over. Valerie & I are working on teaching them to ask before dashing over to the other house at any given moment & how to knock, not just appear in the house. We have about two weeks here to let them spend pretty much as much time as they want together before school starts & we then we will be getting a schedule going. I’m also trying to keep our kids out of their hair too much over there so they can get settled in & acclimated!

My favorite past time right now is to eavesdrop in on them. It is hilarious to hear the conversations that go on! The three girls like to go up to Mom’s clubhouse (the top of the playground) & make potholders in the afternoon, & when the wind is blowing right, I can pretty much hear every word. Yesterday they were up there for about two hours discussing which song was “correct”, my months of the year song or the one Valerie made up. It was too funny! Speaking of potholders, their goal is to make enough to buy American Girl dolls. Now, the way I figure it, they will have to sell about… what, 50 of them at something like $10 a crack for this plan to work out!! Have you seen the prices on those dolls?! But you have to admire their entrepreneurial spirit. They’ve also been making lemonade signs & have dreams of starting up a stand out front. Mind you, we live on a back road out in the country! Oh, well. We shall see. Fun times!!