New Neighbors Joining the Compound

This is not my news to tell really, but everyone that knows me knows I can’t keep good news a secret. So, if you tell me something that’s good news, you better not want me to keep it quiet because I can’t!

My brother & sister-in-law sold their house!! It’s been on the market about a year & we’ve been praying for God’s perfect timing on it. Their sixth baby is due the end of this month & they really need more space. “The pretty blue house” is soon to belong to another little family. That means my brother & family will be moving in next door with my mom until they get a new house built.

Do you have any idea how excited my kids are to have their five (soon to be six) cousins living next door for the next year or so? Sweet memories are a comin’! And we are praising the Lord with them & looking forward to all the fun times ahead.

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