We’ve Got a Ten Year Old in the House!

Nate turned ten last night at 7:07. (See pictures of the birthday bash in Flickr to the right.) In a nutshell, we made smores in lieu of a cake, we sang silly camp songs, we had lots of glow in the dark – Nate discovered what happens when you put a glow stick in the fire & what it looks like on your hands & mouth, etc. – & light ups galore, we watched Nate open cool gifts by lantern light, we stayed up late after “bedding down for the night” listening to girls’ giggles & boys’ fake toot noises to get them to giggle (as if they needed any reason!). In the morning Dear Mother awoke early to “fix breakfast” (those little boxes of cereal). Uncle Luke got insensed at the thought, but ate a few boxes & even did the dishes!

More highlights…
Sam adored having Nate in his tent with him all night. Sam adores Nate!
Mom freaked out at hearing a large animal of some kind wander through the tents in the middle of the night, but was too lazy (scared) to stand up, put on the old glasses & see what it was – raccoon or deer?
Grandma brought out the silly spectacles for all to try on, be silly, & get the spotlight for a while.
Neighbors shared funny camp songs & even a “scary story” was told with the flashlight on the face. Grandma warned of upcoming nightmares & all the little ones in attendance, so Luke reluctantly put the flashlight away.
Callie “ran away” a few times with several worried cousins reporting, only to be spotted soon afterward due to the “accidental” light up thingy showing us all where she was.
Noah (the two year old) actually had a pretty good night’s sleep! He slept through all the giggles & noises.
Nate woke up early & stoked the fire to 6 foot high flames before Mom & Pop came out of the tent. (Luke was watching – and we wonder where Aliyah comes from.)
The cats loved Luke’s tent. He hates our cats, so naturally they clawed at his tent through the night in spite of his throwing them by the tail into the corn fields.

Oh, the memories…

I shared before how we picked Nate’s name (see this post), but I wanted to save his song until his birthday. This song is to the tune “Warrior” by Caedmon’s Call (click song number ten – how appropriate – to hear it). Nate loved this song when it first came out – he was four – so that’s the one I chose to write words to for him…

Nate speaks with boldness.
Nathan speaks with confidence.
Nate can speak with courage
because he’s grounded in God’s Word.

Nathan is a gift from God.
God has also gifted him.
Even facing death & kings,
he stands alone & unashamed, for

Nate speaks with boldness.
Nathan speaks with confidence.
Nate can speak with courage
because he’s grounded in God’s Word.

That’s our prayer for you, Nate. As you grow physically, we pray you grow stronger spiritually as well to where you are able, if asked, to stand alone & confidently as Nathan the prophet did confronting King David & Daniel did before King Neb. Both of these men were confidently able to guide kings, even at the risk of their own life, because of their wisdom from above. The Bible doesn’t tell us much about the prophet Nathan, but it looks like he was one of David’s greatest spiritual advisers & David loved him enough, even after what you could mildly call a loving confrontation, he named one of his sons after him!

May you have their wisdom, boldness, faith, & spiritual discernment as you grow, dear Nathan. We love you & and are so proud of you!

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