Pinafores, Aprons, Bonnets, & Tissue Holders

Found this cute little project while surfing for a pinafore pattern. Thought it would make a good starter project for Callie some day. It even has pictoral instructions! Simple & usable…


Well, I actually found the “pattern” I have used (from my head) to make my aprons in the past in case Callie ends up being a pattern-follower. Truthfully, I’m not a pattern kind of gal! Those things scare me. When it comes to sewing, I only know how to eyeball it & come up with what I want. It seems it’s never quite right, but whenever I’ve used a pattern, it comes out totally messed up. Don’t ask me how! So, I like to sew a little bit at a time (like a few days a year), I love the cute fabrics out there, but I have yet to make something I’m completely pleased with. There’s always some little quirk in it when I’m done. Don’t know if I Callie should watch my sewing ways or not!

I’m on a mini sewing binge right now. Mom mentioned bonnets & I’ve got a stack of cute fabrics that have been there a year & a half with the intention of making bonnets & aprons for Callie to go with this plain denim dress a size too big we found at a thrift store last year. She could be wearing it now. I figured we could have fun with accessorizing it. Mom made me a cute pinafore dress when I was in kindergarten. I loved that outfit! This is a throwback idea to keep the circle of life going I guess. There’s just way too many cute fabrics out there to not do something with them!! The thrift stores make clothes so cheap , though, it’s more expensive to make them. But it’s fun to make costumes & bonnets & aprons, etc. So that’s the only sewing I do. This is what it looks like in my mind’s eye, but know it won’t be even remotely like this when I’m done…


One response to “Pinafores, Aprons, Bonnets, & Tissue Holders

  • Valerie

    Don’t put your ‘skills’ down so much. The bonnet will turn out remotely like the picture, it will just fit one of the kittens, or a beach ball.

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