These Are “A Few” Of My Favorite Things…

100 give or take; not in any particular order:

little boys in overalls
my tall, handsome man
watching little girls play house
the meanings of names
my New Living Translation
fresh, clean sheets
big band music
old fences
recreated historical villages
baking with my children
fresh bread
real butter
canning jars
listening to my children sing
singing with my husband
seed catalogs in February
a good bargain
a good cry
Dad’s fleece housecoat
chocolate ice cream with peanut butter bits
Reece’s peanut butter cups
family hotel stays
hot chocolate scented soap
singing with children
the smell of popcorn
an old fashioned button box
the sound of horses on the road
fresh picked corn on the cob
lightning bugs
big red barns
a patch of wildflowers
tall grass waving in the breeze
the color names in the box of 120 crayons
the viola & guitar (I’m signed up for lessons in Heaven)
the smell of dirt after a spring rain
the smell of fresh cut grass
watching ants work
going barefoot
snuggling with my family
board & card games
Bible Trivia, but nobody will play me!
having the laundry & dishes all done & put away at the end of the day
folk bands – with a banjo, fiddle, harmonica, etc. (no washboards, please!)
Les Miserable
Music Man
Shirley Temple
Andy Griffith
The Waltons
Little Rascals (originals only)
Lawrence Welk on a Saturday evening
any live musical or play (verses a movie)
fall leaves
Braeburn or Jonagold apples only (apple orchard in the family – we know apples)
stories of patriotic bravery (think Patriot, Gods & Generals, Saving Private Ryan)
Anne of Green Gables – books & movie
the Christy series
Diet Coke
Taco Bell
double impatience – light pink or coral preferred
my mint chocolate chip ice cream white (Breyers)
foot & neck massages by hubby – the best!!
family tent camping
family hikes
babbling brooks that glitter on a sunny day
homemade ice cream
music boxes where you can watch how they work
player pianos
gingham & calico
planning theme parties
the sweat after a good workout, believe it or not
the feel of having stuff done – checked off “the list”
log cabins
reading to the kids
worn out kids asleep
hickory rocking chairs
the smell of wood burning
spring flowers – tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, lilacs, crocus, azaleas
those teeny, tiny violets that grow wild in the yard
my iPod Shuffle
candlelight dinners
the OT
the NT
talk radio
flannel nightgowns
a thick blanket of untouched snow
dramatic sunsets
sleigh bells
real maple syrup, especially in March
making Valentines
fireworks on the 4th
the social studies – history, sociology, anthropology, political science
tropical smelling suntan lotion
new school supplies
sticky notes
driving around looking at Christmas lights
our Christmas tree
real flowers on the alter on Sundays
sitting up front at church – please not the first pew or worst, the back!!
looking through church directories – names, family pix
campfire songfests
singing at the top of my lungs when I’m alone in the van
watching sign language
Hawaii – beaches, rainbows, & plumeria
starry cloudless nights in the pitch black

Thanks to Alicia & Valerie for the idea!

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