First Lightning Bug of the Season!!

The kids told me a few days ago that they saw a lightning bug, but I didn’t believe them. “They don’t come out until the first of July”, I told them in that “You must be mistaken” voice. Well, I saw one with my own eyes last night. Yeah!! I love lightning bugs! So… summer, so childhood, so… God’s amazing creation in a tiny package!

On a totally different note, for those of you who keep up with Revive Our Hearts, have you been listening to Molly’s story? It’s a five parter you don’t want to miss (June 4-8). If you’ve ever thrown a pity party for yourself, this will change your perspective & have you looking at your life with gratitude. Anyway, today, Molly was saying she finally got to go to the mission field like she had always prayed (that won’t ruin anything for you if you haven’t heard it yet), but when she mentioned where, the name clicked with me. I knew it sounded familiar!! She’s on our underground prayer chain list that Keith & I pray over nightly!! Her family’s picture is there & everything – there’s only twelve families. It was so fun to connect the dots! We didn’t have any background on them & I just never expected to hear her story on the radio! Her family is one that is not on the monthly part of our list, but they were in the last quarterly section. A flood of feelings of interconnectedness to God’s family came. It’s hard to express, but I have to write about it.

Speaking of God’s family & the mission field – Adam, a young man in our church is heading off to Romania for a month today. Ruthie leaves Sunday. If you think of them, please lift them up in prayer.

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