Western VBS Craft Ideas

This is the third & probably last installment of the Western VBS idea post. To see the others, go here & here. In this edition, I will throw around some craft ideas.

Since we only have an hour & a half each week to teach & sing, etc, there really isn’t time for us to have a craft class. So, we are going to try having a craft table for the kids to work on if/when they come early or stay late. For the table, we’ve been trying to think of a few nice crafts the kids can take home at the end of the summer to remember things by instead of a bunch of quick crafts. Here’s a few ideas: leather working – wallets, id wallets, coin purses, verse wallets, etc. Oriental Trading has a kit as well. You could also get strips of scrap leather for bookmarks & have the kids stamp them. Stamping alphabet kits can be found around $15. Not too shabby. There’s also these cute little leather chaps idea for a kerchief tie, too.

Another idea to go with the cowboy/western theme would be tin punching. There’s copper candle covers or tart decorations. Both are cute & you could make your own western patterns.

We are also considering putting decoupage on jars, pots, or glass soap dispensers. One idea was to get branding tattoos to use all over like this cute cookie jar. We’ll have to experiment to see if this works.

Feel free to chime in on the comment block if you have any other ideas. Maybe these posts will help get other ideas flowing to help you in your own western adventure this summer. Happy trails!!!

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