Are We Done Yet?


Callie & I are finishing up the school year this week. Today, we spent some time in the last history lessons. Cesar Chavez being the man of the day, we spent a good twenty minutes talking about crops, migrant workers, unions, peaceful change vs. violence, etc. (By the way, this was perfect timing to talk about all this. We spent all day yesterday at a friend’s house who’s overrun with strawberries. We talked about how Mrs. B doesn’t need help with her berries except just these few weeks, etc.- a little personal application.) After all this, I simply asked,

“OK, Callie, what did Cesar Chavez do?”

Her answer: ” He was a great opera singer.” She said this with one hand over her heart & another in the air with a sing-songy voice.

Ha, ha… very funny. Really, what did Chavez do?

“He boxed. He was a boxer!” This said while boxing the air!

Wrong again. Now think, Callie, about what we’ve been talking about…what did Cesar Chavez do?

“He died.”

No chance on me getting a big head for my teaching abilities these days!!!

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